Life is finite. That’s all that is. Finite-ness.

Life is finite. That’s all that is. Finite-ness. The body and the soul die. They also live. They breathe they think they eat, drink, have sex and children…and then ‘they’ die. It is a mystery to me that Earthlings believe that they have some extraordinary ‘destiny’. Is it not enough that a life well lived is destiny – enough?



MommyMystic (Lisa) is an awesome sharer. She talks sense and she offers tools that are immediately useful and soothing :)

Originally posted on Mommy Mystic:

Below are the guided chakra walkthroughs that I mentioned in the 21 Ways to Care for Your Sacral Chakra post, plus a couple extra. You may also want to check out the audio files that I made to accompany my E-book on healing from sexual trauma, as many of the sacral chakra meditations included in that may also be done outside that program. If you are new to the chakras, you may want to check out my Chakra Guide Series and/or my Chakra Booklist.

A few notes:

– The reason I wanted to do these as recordings is so that a transmission can occur, which is how most of us best learn this stuff – connecting mind to mind, beyond language. I am doing the techniques as I talk, and the idea is that this will help you better connect to your own chakras. Although I also talk

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Believe it…or not

Believe: acceptance of something without proof. OE -geleafa and originally of Germanic origin…

Be= OE bi (by); Lief= G: love

by love


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